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CLUBHOOPS TEAM TRAINING programs are organized, supervised, professionally run sessions designed to not only increase in game performance, but also increase the basketball intelligence of your team.  CLUBHOOPS TEAM TRAINING is available for club level and school teams. 

Off-Site and On-Site Team Training Available



At CLUBHOOPS, we understand the importance of training as a team, what it means to you and your athletes, and how maximizing performance of the team will benefit your upcoming season. Our off-site training programs are designed to prepare each of your athletes for the season.  Our 60-90 minute program is conducted utilizing your organization’s/school’s facilities.


Our training program provides each team with customized training based on feedback from the school’s/organization’s coaching staff. CLUBHOOPS coaches will incorporate school-specific mottos, methodologies, and philosophies, into the programming. CLUBHOOPS acts as an extension of the team’s and/or school’s coaching staff.

Team Training programs are offered during:


  • Post Season (Feb-Apr)

  • Off-Season (May-July)

  • Pre-Season (Aug-Oct)



  • On-court drills focusing in on the basics of ball-handling and advancing to high intensity and high level drills to create more control with the ball.

  • Stationary and on the move drill set combinations



Instructional drills detailing the fundamentals of shooting to improve shooting for every player, in every situation

  • Key elements of shooting

  • Form shooting

  • Spot shooting

  • Shooting off the move



Instructional drills focusing on creating more dangerous offensive players in every aspect

  • Key Elements of Scoring off the dribble

  • Drill Sections for scoring off the dribble

  • Ball screen series

  • Transition dribble drilling section

  • Post play and isolation scoring

  • Runners / Floaters / at rim finishes



Drills addressing the fundamental movements of defensive play to get players better equipped for team’s defensive scheme

  • Key elements of defensive play

  • Essential components of individual defense

  • Essential drills for defense

  • Live action situational training



Training to get all players in elite shape, safely and efficiently.


Pricing depends on the number of players and frequency each teams meets on a weekly basis.  Please complete the form below and someone from our staff will get back with you.

For more information on our Team Training please submit your information and our staff will reach out to you. 


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