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CLUBHOOPS® RISE is a skill development class tailored for players that have successfully completed a CLUBHOOPS® NEXT Skills Assessment and/or with 3+ years of basketball experience in a team format comprised of house/recreational or AAU/Travel. Players new to basketball or with no team experience will not be admitted to this class.


  • Fall Season (Sept - Nov)

  • Winter Season (Dec - Feb)

  • Spring Season (Mar - May)

  • Summer Season (Jun - Aug)

Class Requirements:


To meet CLUBHOOPS® RISE prerequisites an athlete must:

  • Successfully pass a CLUBHOOPS® NEXT Skills Assessments.

  • Have 3+ years active house/recreational league and/or AAU/Travel experience.

  • Players new to basketball or with no team experience will not be admitted to this class.

  • CLUBHOOPS Instructors have the right to place players in a division based on their skill level.


Class Structure:


  • Each season is 12 weeks with one 60-minute class per week.

  • Maximum of 15 players per class.


Class Length: 60 minutes


  • Station 1 - Stationary Ball Handling

  • Station 2 - Stationary Dribbling

  • Station 3 - Stationary Dribbling Two Balls

  • Station 4 - Dribbling On The Move

  • Station 5 - Dribbling On The Move with Two

  • Station 6 - Stationary Footwork

  • Station 7 - Footwork On the Move

  • Station 8 - Dribble Moves

  • Station 9 - Shooting

Skill Assessments:

A Skills Assessment will be administered at the conclusion of each season.


  • Athletes will be tested on randomly selected drills from the curriculum.

  • Athletes must pass the Skills Assessment to progress to the next class level.

  • Athletes that do not pass the Skills Assessment will be permitted to take an additional Skills Assessment based upon instructor availability. 

  • Skills Assessments will be administered on the final class of the season.


  • Class pricing varies by location.​

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