Club Team Handbook

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Club Team Polices & Procedures
(updated April 2022)


Club Program Overview


The goal of the club team program is to help develop serious student-athletes and prepare them for competitive high school basketball and college basketball. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff takes pride in the development of the young men and women in our program on and off the court and serve as mentors to build each player’s confidence, work ethic and character.


Players will learn how to compete at a high level, prepare for and receive constructive criticism, play fundamentally sound, be disciplined, and work as a team. Our primary objective is to foster players to be respectful, hard-working students and good people.


All parties including CLUBHOOPS, the coaching staff, parents and players agree to put the club program ahead of the team and individuals. When decisions are made regarding conflicts, the program will come first while always considering the best interests of the team and players. Our ultimate goal is to help all players reach their full potential as basketball players, leaders and human beings.


CLUBHOOPS offers a comprehensive player development experience complete with team practices and games, individual skill development opportunities, skills academies, and camps, as well as college recruiting guidance for high school players.


Team Divisions


CLUBHOOPS offers boys teams in grades 9-11 (15U-17U). If there are enough players at tryouts to create multiple teams in a single grade and location, the teams will typically be created according to skill level. We believe this gives players of different skill levels the opportunity to maximize practicing and playing time, and thus, their improvement.




Tryout information will be posted to our website ( and all relevant published materials annually. Spring/Summer tryouts will be held throughout the year.  Attendance mandatory for team placement.

Team Selection


CLUBHOOPS will send out an initial email to all tryout participants within 48 hours after the final tryout session. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder. If not there, please email your specific city.​ This email will contain the results from tryouts and the next steps for you to take.


Selected players will be given 48 hours to confirm or decline their roster spot, however it is our expectation that if a player makes a team, that player will be ready to accept their spot immediately. When accepting the spot, players are committing to the entire length of the program (6 months Spring/Summer and or 6 months Fall/Winter Season). Players participating in both seasons will not need to tryout for a new roster spot.


If CLUBHOOPS does not receive confirmation back from a selected player within the 24 hour period, we will attempt to reach that player by phone. However, if CLUBHOOPS still cannot reach that player within a reasonable time frame, that player’s spot will be forfeited and given to a practice player. CLUBHOOPS is not responsible for chasing down selected players.


It will be stressed to players and parents at tryouts that CLUBHOOPS will communicate the results with them through the email they used to sign up and to be vigilant in checking it in the 48 hours after the final tryout session.




It is CLUBHOOPS expectation that all players at tryouts will accept their roster spot on ​any​ team should one be offered to them.​ I​f at any time during the tryout period, a player does not wish to be considered for a team, please let CLUBHOOPS know immediately.


Once all players have accepted their roster spot, players/parents will then be given 72 hours to agree, understand, and acknowledge our “Club Policies and Procedures” and purchase their team membership as well as their team gear from the web-store. Failure to do any of the above may result in the forfeiture of that player’s spot on the team.


During the membership purchase process, once parents of players acknowledge that they’ve read and understand our “Club Policies and Procedures” and purchase the membership, a player’s acceptance is final and that player is responsible for payment of the ​entire season’s dues regardless of whether they choose to pay in installments or in full.


There will be ​NO refunds or “stop payments”​ given for any reason, except those situations covered in our injury policy.


Digital Communication


CLUBHOOPS will communicate with parents and players in a variety of ways. Official business communications will always be via electronic mail and through our portal with SquadFusion. Each player is required to have a valid parent/guardian email on file for direct communications for account info such as billing, club polices, and injury reporting.  This portal will serve as the communication platform for coach and parent/guardian communication regarding practices, tournaments, and special events.

Certified Coaches


All of our coaches are required to obtain a background check. 15U-17U coaches are required to obtain a USA Basketball Coach License as well as an NCAA Coaches Certification. This certification includes a Level 3 Background screening, SafeSport Reporting, and as well as additional coursework designed to enhance the youth basketball development experience for parents, players, and coaches.


Required Athlete Certifications


15U-17U players are required to register with the NCAA to participate in NCAA Certified Recruiting Events. The process for this registration will be thoroughly discussed at the player/parent meetings at the start of the season. Click here to create an account with the NCAA Basketball Certification



CLUBHOOPS Elite is a 6-month competitive program for 15U to 17U players to compete at the highest level against the best teams in the country. These are often the players that are planning to play collegiately at the highest level. Our Elite teams play in competitive tournaments, practice more often, and demand a higher level of commitment than the CLUBHOOPS Premier program. Tryouts are held in February each year and competition season is March to August. The competition season will consist of weekly skill development sessions, team practices, and participation in competitive tournaments. CLUBHOOPS Elite teams will participate in tournament events that are NCAA certified events.


Spring/Summer Season (March -July)


  • Club Team Practices (two-three days per week)

  • Club Competition Season (6 competitive tournaments)


Note: During the month of June, players are permitted to miss team practices to workout with their high school teams.


Important Reminders:


This is a 6-month commitment for players (Mar-Jul) and requires signing a commitment agreement. We support our players playing other sports, but for players to keep CLUBHOOPS Elite roster spots they must attend all team practices. CLUBHOOPS Elite cannot hold roster spots without participation. If travel is required, players share the cost of event fees and coaches travel fees...even if they do not attend the event.

Orange Teams vs Black Teams


Orange Teams are more developmental to competitive level of play.  Our orange teams will play a more developmental/competitive tournament schedule.  Black Teams are more competitive level of play. Our black teams will play a more competitive/elite tournament schedule.  The level of play will be determined by the coaching staff.

Practice/Tournament Expectations


In basketball, teamwork is vital for success. Players being present is essential to a team’s progression and improvement. Therefore, it is important for players to be present at practices. Game and practice attendance is mandatory.  Unexcused absences will result in NO playing time and participation in tournament games.


Tournament Schedule


At CLUBHOOPS, we select tournaments based upon the level of the team. CLUBHOOPS Premier Teams primary focus is developing players and preparing them to participate at the high school level. Players do not get better in games they get better in practices sessions. Tournament and league games are tests for players to evaluate how well the practice sessions are translating into competitive environments. The primary focus of CLUBHOOPS Elite Teams are to continue the skill development process while obtaining exposure and while playing against elite competition.  Please refer to www. for tournament dates.

Parent Expectations and Commitment


Support: Parental support and involvement is essential to team success. Parents must see to it that the player attend all club and team functions (practices, meetings, games, special events). We understand there will be times when scheduling conflicts cannot be avoided. When a player or parent has an unavoidable conflict, CLUBHOOPS expects timely communication with the coach.


Sideline Coaching: We will not allow any coaching by parents on the sideline. Parents are asked to NOT engage in negative conversations with referees or parents of the opposing team. Any parent who engages in an extensive verbal dispute or argument with any referee or opposing team’s parents will be asked to immediately leave the premises. Vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome and encouraged.


Instruction: Players will only receive one set of instructions before, during, and after practices or games. For this reason, CLUBHOOPS insists the team’s head and or assistant coach be the only voice at all games and practices. No one other than the coaches listed on the official roster may sit on or near the team bench before and during games at any times, including parents (no exceptions).


Communication: We encourage parents, when appropriate, to communicate or ask questions about their child’s development. We ask parents to adhere to the “24-hour wait rule” when addressing a coach regarding a concern or issue after a practice or a tournament game. We suggest parents encourage their child to speak up and communicate for themselves with their head coach whenever possible.




Player Expectations and Commitment


The goal of our club program is to develop the best players and teams in the entire state of Georgia while helping them learn life lessons that will benefit them as adults. In order to accomplish this, we expect our players to maintain a high level of commitment to their individual basketball development, their club team, and the club. PLAYERS CANNOT PARTICIPATE ON MULTIPLE CLUB BASKETBALL TEAMS WHILE ON A CLUBHOOPS TEAM. PLAYERS WHO BREAK THIS RULE WILL BE DISMISSED FROM THE CLUB.


All team practices are mandatory and skill development sessions are optional except for national team players. If a player is unable to attend a practice or skill session, they must notify their team coach with a legitimate reason why they are missing at least 24 hours in advance. Legitimate reasons are detailed below. If a player does not notify their team coach about missing practice, they will be required to sit out the first half of their next game. On the second occurrence, they will be required to sit out an entire game. If it happens a third time, the team coach is required to notify the Director for their age group. The parent of the player in question will then be required to have a phone conversation with the Director. The conversation will address the player’s commitment level and determine if continuing on their CLUBHOOPS team is in their best interests.


CLUBHOOPS has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for missed games for any reason other than the legitimate reasons detailed below. If a player is unable to attend a game due to a legitimate reason, they must notify their team coach at least 24-48 hours in advance. All games schedules are emailed out to the club at the beginning of the season to avoid conflicts and missed games.


Legitimate reasons for missing a practice or a game include family illness, injury, school events, religious commitments and family vacations. Family vacations must be communicated to the team coach UPON ROSTER ACCEPTANCE.


Issue Resolution Process


CLUBHOOPS asks that parents and players maintain exclusive communication with their team head coach if there is an issue related to their team participation. We ask that parents and players wait 24 hours after a game or practice before contacting a coach regarding any issue unless it is a matter that requires urgent attention. This allows the parent, player, and coach to settle down and think through any possible problems and solutions.


When it is deemed necessary to address an issue, parents and players must follow the protocol below:


  • Contact and speak directly to your team head coach and attempt to get the issue resolved. Most issues can be resolved simply by communicating your concerns with your coach. An open and clear line of communication helps avoid many issues over the course of the season. Don’t let your concerns fester.


  • If the team head coach is unable to resolve the problem and issues persist, contact the Director of Operations.


Playing Time Policy


CLUBHOOPS Teams is a competitive club program and playing time is based on the Work Ethic, Talent and Skill, Attitude, Practice Attendance, Sportsmanship. We expect that all players in the program will exhibit these qualities. All players on our teams will receive playing time following the 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 Playing Time Rule.


CLUBHOOPS asks its coaches to ensure that their player’s play at least 50% of the game time throughout the course of the season. However, CLUBHOOPS is a competitive club and in some games some players may only play 30% or 40% of the game, while in others, they may play 60% to 70% of the game.


Here is an example of how this rule works: Judy is the best player on a Premier team. Against really good teams, she plays 70% of the game. However, in a game when her team is either playing really well without her or is winning by a significant margin, Judy may only play 30% of that game. Therefore, over the course of a season, Judy will play about 50% of the time in games just like her teammates.


This rule is intended to allow for our teams to remain true to a competitive environment, allow players who are playing best to play at the appropriate times, and allow players who need additional work to get game time.

Swing Player Policies


Reasons for Utilizing Swing Players:


  • Provide numbers & support for team missing players due to injury & conflicts - Create playing opportunities for specific players with older or higher-level teams

  • Fill specific team needs at positions for players that are missing - Strengthen teams for games/tournaments for teams without a full roster of 10


Expectations of Coaches Use of Swing Players:


  • Coaches are expected to treat players swinging to their team like any other “regular” player on their team.


Expectations of Parents and Players:


  • We expect our teams and families to be positive, welcoming and supportive of players who are swinging on their team. We are all one family.


Swing Player Playing Time:


  • Coaches are expected to treat playing time for swing players like any other player on the team. We understand that swing players may affect playing time in certain games for regular team players. However, per our playing time policy summarized below, swing players should not affect coaches’ requirements of adhering to our playing time policy over the course of a season.


Gear Policy


CLUBHOOPS is not responsible for lost or damaged gear. Players and parents are responsible for the costs of replacement gear. Premier Team and Elite Team players are required to have practice jersey, game uniforms, and shooting shirts for tournament events. No exceptions.


Age Qualifications


  • U17 - Current 11th Grade

  • U16 - Current 10th Grade

  • U15 - Current 9th Grade


Risk Management


Insurance Policy


All club members are required to have accidental/medical insurance that will cover them in the event of injury or illness.


Release Liability


During the membership purchase process, parents will agree they’ve read and understand our Club Policies and Procedures agree to our Release of Liability Waiver. Coaches will also agree to our Release of Liability Waiver.


Emergency Procedure


In the event of an emergency, the coach on-site will contact all appropriate medical and protection agencies and then notify the director.


Grounds for Club Membership Termination


Every effort will be made to ensure a positive experience for all players and parent members involved. Termination of a player is a right reserved by the organization as a last resort when all other resources of conflict resolution have been exhausted.

Any player terminated by the director through the infraction of the stated organization rules (player or parent), will still be held liable for any and all outstanding membership fees and club dues as outlined at the beginning of the season.​ Terminated players will not be entitled to a refund of any such fees paid to the organization.


Club Fees


CLUBHOOPS recognizes that competitive basketball is an investment in your athlete’s development, on and off the court. Each year, CLUBHOOPS players become better basketball players and people, and many of our graduates go on to play at the collegiate and professional level. We are the best at what we do, and we have chosen to do this for a living, so no decision, including player dues, is taken lightly and without much consideration.


2023 Fee Schedule

CLUBHOOPS ELITE - 15U-17U Spring/Summer Season - $1,475 (Includes Gear)

CLUBHOOPS offers 2 investment options to accommodate families. Parents are responsible for the full season’s dues regardless of which option they choose.​ This must be set up within 72 hours of a player’s acceptance of their spot on a team. All membership investments are made through our secure online registration software. Cash and checks are ​not accepted​. All participants are required to have a valid credit card or debit card on file.

Option #1: Entire Balance Upfront


Pay the entire season’s investment upfront. 


Option #2: Investment Plan (Monthly Installments)


Parents may choose to have their membership balance broken up into smaller installments to be auto-drafted on 1st of each month. Please note, these monthly installments do not necessarily reflect the number of basketball activities for each month, but are rather a lower, consistent investment option averaged out monthly for the convenience of our parents.


For this option, the investments are as follows:

  • Payment 1: $425 (Due at signing/February)

  • Payment 2: $210 (Mar 15)

  • Payment 3: $210 (Apr 15)

  • Payment 4: $210 (May 15)

  • Payment 5: $210 (Jun 15)

  • Payment 6: $210 (Jul 15)


Sibling Discount


For families with multiple children playing, CLUBHOOPS has set up a 10% sibling discount to reduce the investment of each member ​after​ the first. Please email​ for the discount code.


Late Policy


Accounts are considered late five days after the installment due date and will be charged an additional $25 late fee on the sixth day. Players with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to practice or compete until the balance is paid in full.


Refund Policy


CLUBHOOPS has a strict no refund policy. Why? We make a large investment into our coaches, teams, and players up front, and we budget and pre-pay for many of our team expenses on the front end.


During the membership purchase process, once parents of players acknowledge that they’ve read and understand our “Club Policies and Procedures” and purchase the membership, a player’s acceptance is final and that player is responsible for payment of the entire​ season’s dues regardless of whether they choose to pay in installments or in full.


There will be ​NO refunds or “stop payments”​ given for any reason, except those situations covered in our injury policy below.


Injury Policy


If a player gets injured and is supposed to be out ​6 weeks or longer,​ said player can provide CLUBHOOPS with a doctor’s note, and CLUBHOOPS will put a stop payment on any future installments until that player is healthy and able to return. Refunds for past installments will not be given.


Team Gear Package


All players are responsible for purchasing the required team gear package. The team gear package will include:


  • Reversible Game Jersey

  • Game Short

  • Game Shooting Shirt


Tournament Admission


Most tournaments require spectators to pay a daily or weekend admission gate fee, which varies from tournament to tournament and is the responsibility of the spectator to pay. CLUBHOOPS has no control over the admission prices.




Some teams may play in out-of-town tournaments in which case they are expected to purchase their own lodging.